No Problem, Be Happy!

My husband, won a 4-night stay in Jamaica.  I felt like a queen in the luxury resort, with gorgeous views of the ocean and mountains, unending food and beverages, no worry of cooking for five days was beyond special, it was paradise! Outside the resort, I couldn’t believe the poor conditions and how the locals are so desperate for sales or tips and they often would compete amongst themselves for our attention.


On a dune buggy adventure the guide was putting a band on my wrist and said, “Rich lady!”  I was taken by what he said; he noticed and replied, “Pretty rings.” as he held my hand. While on our dune buggies we drove through a small village and the poverty was overwhelming. Halfway on the dune buggies, it started raining then it starting pouring. We were muddy and wet, through and through.  At the end our guide said, “Great trip, ya mon?” Wet, no problem! Be Happy! Ya Mon!”


After seeing locals out in the rain, wet and muddy, a normal way of life, but not a problem to them, made me see that I was a rich lady, in more ways than one. The luxury of a beautiful resort, protects me from the rain and I could have anything to eat, anytime I wanted, and outside my gated, guarded, luxury resort, was for many the opposite. How overly blessed I am!


The locals always had a happy attitude, saying, “Don’t worry, be happy!” Or, “No problem, Ya Mon?” We have no choice of what race, religion or family we are born into, but we do have a choice about our attitudes. When I came home I was doing laundry and saw that one of the dresses I bought from a begging lady had a big dead bug imbedded in the dress. When I removed the bug there was a big hole. A ticked attitude wanted to enter, but instead I said, “No problem, be happy!”


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