Gentle Whisper – The Cover

My daughters were helping me fill out my Marketing Kit for my publisher and were looking things up on the internet. We needed to find two books on the best sellers list and two books that were just released, that were the same genre as mine. I was helping them and had left to get something. When I came back, my two daughters had sad looks on their faces and said, “Mom, you won’t believe what we found.”


The way they spoke, it wasn’t good. I said, “Is it bad? Did someone steal my book?”


“No, but they stole your book cover. It is just like yours and it was released this April. Here, look.” They handed me the laptop.


Unbelief and a stab jolted me as I saw my beautiful book cover with a whole different title. My publisher’s designer had been working on my book cover and I had been so pleased with what he was coming up with. It was beautiful. Now this, how could this happen? It wasn’t exactly the same, but so similar that at first look you would believe it was the same cover. Was I stealing someone else’s book cover?


A heavy heart lingered the whole weekend. The publishers wanted to send the work to print Monday morning. I just couldn’t let them until I had a few questions answered. Monday morning came and they answered my questions, but there still was a book out there with my cover.


The other book was a romance with sexually explicit content, and the main character marries a man with the same name as the main character in my book. It gets worse, the publisher is Sinful Moments Press and the little logo was a devils pitch fork.


How can I describe the pain and hurt I felt? All I can say, I was mad, hurt and disgusted that I was going to have a cover the same as a sinful filled book. Well, needless to say my book didn’t go to print on Monday morning.


Tuesday morning was the new target date. My two daughters and husband felt the publisher should come up with a new cover and if it delays the book, oh well! Actually, I loved the cover; there was not one thing I didn’t like about it. Why did this have to happen? I lay in bed, disheartened and numb. “God, how can any good come out of this?”


It doesn’t matter what is on the outside, it matters what is on the inside! He whispered.


I thought about that Gentle Whisper for a moment and a leap of joy entered my soul. Two books that look the same, but the insides are opposite. This message is for the Amish. Their dress looks the same; they think they have to be covered in Amish clothes, in order to go to heaven. It doesn’t matter what you cover yourself up with on the outside. What matters is what is on the inside. Is your heart filled with Good or is it filled with sin? Just because a group of people cover themselves the same, doesn’t make their hearts the same on the inside.


I ran out to tell my husband and I almost couldn’t get through the whole story, I could tell he knew this was a big Gentle Whisper. With a broken voice, I asked, “You agree, it’s perfect?”


Without discussion, he agreed and so did my daughters and my book went to press with Ambassador International with a message far better than anything I could have ever come up with. Thank you God for my Gentle Whispers, You are so good to me, and Lord help me be an Ambassador for you.


The Lord does not look at the things man looks at. Man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart. I Samuel 16:7b NIV


2 Corinthians 5:20


Naomi Mullet Stutzman
Author & Speaker

3 Responses to Gentle Whisper – The Cover

  • Claudia says:

    Wow,Naomi! This was so awesome. God will take care of his own. Your message is so timely and needed.

  • Dee Yoder says:

    Naomi, your post touched my heart. Praying the Lord uses your book to reach many, many hearts that need to be changed–from the inside!

  • Brenda N says:

    Thanks for sharing Naomi. I appreciate your candor here. Forge ahead, if God is for you who can stand against you? You have a truth to reveal.