Interview for the Newspaper

I’ve been very busy and feeling a little out of control the past two months trying to get ready for the Twinsburg House and Garden Tour. I was busy taking down and packing up eight rooms, getting ready for the painter. Then cleaning, unpacking and putting all the things back in place. At the same time trying to get the flowerbeds weeded and mulched, plants in place etc. Then last week I got a call from a reporter asking if she could come on Monday for an interview. That meant I had three days to have everything in place. I thought I still had two weeks to get ready. I however had three rooms to finish. Needless to say I was franticly working, while being sick.  This is allergy season for me and working outside in the flowerbeds didn’t help and I developed bronchitis.  Somehow I made it to Monday morning, woke up early, worked three more hours and had the house in perfect order. Well, if you didn’t look real close.  


The Akron Beacon Journal’s reporter came right on time for the interview. What a blast! I had so much fun taking her around the house telling her all sorts of stories. She had her notepad out, writing constantly. When the photographer came, she told him, “The one picture I want you to take is Naomi by her father’s chair.” I was really surprised. I thought they would be only taking pictures of the house and garden.  Not of us. On the chair were an unfinished embroidered quilt my mother designed and the shawl that was wrapped around my sister Dorothy’s box of ashes when I brought her home to be buried by my mother. Those stories about the chair and Dorothy are in my book. I asked them if I should remove the quilt and the shawl and she said no.


On the unfinished quilt my mother embroidered the words to this song. When I survey the wondrous cross on which the Prince of glory died. My richest gain I count, and that is as far as my mother got.  If they put that picture in, then that phrase will be in the special feature home section of the newspaper this Saturday.


I love how God works. My friends told me many times, when we sit around and quilt, that I needed to send my book to the newspapers.  I even had friends bring me the names of the people I needed to contact. I just never took the time; I guess I’m not real good at marketing my book. A lady from the garden club did all the publicity and we landed the featured home.


Now to wait and see what the reporter wrote and to see what pictures they chose to put in the paper.  You never know what they will come up with. Yesterday a friend told me that I was mentioned in the Talk Of The Town section of the Twinsburg Tribune magazine.  They had information correct about my book signing, but the main information about me was incorrect. I know that writer did not read my book.

The reporter told me that she only read sections of my book, but after the interview she said, “I now want to read your whole book.” I pray she will have the right information that honors God and most of all they choose the picture which will show the words of mom’s song.


I so want to honor my Lord and Savior through this, because everything we have and everything we have done we owe it all to Him. To God be the glory!


2 Responses to Interview for the Newspaper

  • Katy Karasek says:

    I love it! Can’t wait to see the article in the paper! 🙂

    • Deniz says:

      I love it! I also love quilts. My in-laws live in Tennessee. A few years ago we were driving through the Smoky Mountains and on the side of the road was a small barn converted into a quilt shop. We drove by it but I had to turn around and go back. I ended up buying an antique quilt that was made from grain sacks and vintage material. I love it and it has been on my daughters bed for years.