Naomi’s Story


Naomi taught preschool choir, sang and was section leader in her church choir. She was on the Women’s Ministry team, arranging large outreach events, teaching seminars and speaking. She held almost every office at one time or another at the Christian Woman’s Club, including being the Area Representative. Not only was she involved in all these “good Christian” things, she was caring for her husband, four children and a dog with an attitude. At the same time she was also helping with the needs of her very ill mother. Believe it or not, in this hectic life style, Naomi occasionally heard God’s voice calling her name, but she was too busy. She didn’t think she could possibly do what he was calling her to do, so she convinced herself there just wasn’t time. Finally, exhausted, she listened and obeyed. She took time out to quiet her spirit and listen to God. She stopped all her “good Christian” activities and went back to her true calling as a wife and mother. Everyone may have thought she stayed home and did nothing –everyone but God. He knows she has been doing exactly what He asked… writing a book.


Growing up with an Amish background, Naomi experienced “shunning” first-hand and saw the devastating effects of leaving this close-knit community. After sharing her powerful story at speaking engagements for over 16 years, Naomi finally responds to the ongoing pleas to write a book. Naomi and her husband live in Twinsburg Ohio they have four children and 10 grandchildren.


My Husband – the love of my life, is an engineer. Ten years into our marriage he brought an old computer home from work and insisted that I learn to use it before computers were even though of in homes. I went into it whining, but I was submissive. When I finally thought I had learned a program, I would power on my computer and to my surprise there would be a whole new program. Many times I would be so frustrated with him; needless to say he was also frustrated with me for always calling, seeking help.  For some reason he always thought that he only needed to tell me something once and that I would remember it the next time the same problem came up.  What a blessing to always have a computer tech on call 24/7. Without him speeches, seminars, and a book would have never been written, he always kept me running smoothly without complaining. God knew I needed a computer engineer to complete the plans God had for me.


 My children –

  • Yvonne is the pride of my life, she is married and has five children. Her husband is a Chaplain in the Navy.
  • Matthew is my dream come true, he has dedicated his life to full service for Christ at a Christian Orthodox Greek Monastery.
  • Monica is my treasure at the end of the rainbow, she is married and has two daughters. Her husband is a music pastor at a church in Colorado.
  • Eric is the joy of my heart, he is an airplane mechanic, has three children and a wife that is a great cook.


My MinistryMy Passion is to reach the Amish and Christians with the truth about the Amish religion.


The Amish fields are ripe for harvest, but who will go and tell them if Christians believe they are a holy righteous sect. The Amish need to have a revival which they preach against, and Christians need to be educated so they can reach them for the Lord.  The Amish are my relatives and my passion is to reach out to that close knit group that resists evangelism. One way to reach them is with books because they do read a lot.  A Basket Full of Broken Dishes will help both the Amish and Christians understand the truth and give the reader an opportunity to receive Jesus Christ as their personal savior.