Naomi – has a way of finding treasures in the most unusual places. She takes those treasures and tells stories that will inspire and touch your life…

It takes knowledge to fill a home with rare and beautiful treasures.

Proverbs 24:4



1.  A Mother ‘s Day Story


Naomi finds tucked-away treasures and comes to see the rich, deep, powerful beauty and value in the silent years of her mother’s life. Her mother courageously lived a broken life for the sake of her inheritance. The story proclaims the mighty truth that God still works in, and cares for the live of, the simple, the empty, the broken down.


2.    An Amish Love Story


This story is about an  Amish couple, Simon, simple but rebellious, and Susan, his committed wife. Simon’s refusal to submit to the Amish Rules stresses their marriage. The Amish Bishops tell Susan she must obey the Rules she promised to keep—and leave Simon. If she obeys the Bishops, she will break her wedding vows and face the rest of her life as an impoverished single mother. If she stays with Simon, her Amish church will excommunicate her and her Amish family will shun—having no contact with her—for the rest of her life. She can’t keep both promises. Which will she choose? Susan makes life-changing choices that result in both heartbreak and joy. Their daughter Naomi finds a hidden treasure that demonstrates God’s faithfulness when we feel we have lot it all.


3.    But, Because you say so, I will!


Placing the eighteen-month old boy in her arms the young single mother said. “Naomi, I want you to care for my child.” When the shock left, she thought about her dreams that soon would be broken if she cared for this child.

Later on in life, God was asking her to write.  Something she knew she couldn’t do.

Naomi’s story will encourage women to make the hard choices life sometimes demands, rather than live for themselves, as contemporary culture promotes so powerfully. She finds the secret treasure that puts joy back in a disobedient life.



4.    Garage Sale Treasures


Amazing finds at garage sales, leads Naomi’s life to where she is today…She really didn’t know what she was looking for, but she was out for a hunt, seeking for something that would satisfy. She found something more then she bargained for.  It was a discovery that led her on a search for more valuable treasures.

She will show and tell surprising stories about her garage sale treasures. Unwanted discards, sometimes broken, become beautiful items God uses to inspire or fixes and makes into valuable treasures.


5.    Friendship Quilts


Quilts are hand made treasures passed down from generation to generation. Each woven together with a story to tell if we only we take the time to listen. Naomi would love to show and tell you about her many interesting quilts. Some are old, torn and worn. Some are finished and some are unfinished, but all have a story. They are stories that will encourage you to escape the hectic, fast pace modern life and inspire you to rekindle a long lost art.



6.    Wonder Of Christmas


Christmas a relaxing time to quiet our hearts and enjoy our loved ones, celebrating the real reason for Christmas. Right? Get real! I don’t care how religious we are, we all get trapped in the hustle and bustle of the frantic Christmas Season.  How can we turn our Christmas around and truly make it a Christmas to remember for our families? Naomi will inspire you to seek the real meaning of Christmas with her helpful tips, stories, and songs, encouraging you to find a real treasure that you can give to others.



7.      Let’s have a Hen Party!


I  was telling my husband I wanted to have ladies come into my home once a month and have a topic to discuss. We would all come prepared to share, laugh, encourage, eat chocolate, hang out and just have old-time women fun.  Doyle replied, “So you want to have a hen party?”

I laughed and said, “Yes, I guess so. I haven’t heard that phrase in a long time.

I remembered that my dad used to say, ‘Mom went to another hen party,’

but what really is a hen party?”

Laughing, he said, “I guess a party just for women and they sit around, laugh, and talk.”

So that is exactly what I did. So fill your home with a bunch of ladies and let the fun begin!  Come forget all your troubles and treasure the laughter!