The Wife, The Stories, The Confessions!

Trying to master the art of living in disaster has been my way of life. Looking back over 48 years of marriage, nine renovations and a multitude of life-threating episodes, I have come to the understanding this will never change. It seems like once things settled down, all I would have to do is wait and sure enough a new adventure would erupt.

Hubby leaves home to work on a piece of property that he accidentally bought at an auction. How can a person buy property accidentally, you ask? A five-acre farm at that? Well, that is a blog to come.  For now, I need to tell you what happened.

He needed to work on the roof. He didn’t feel quite right, so he choose not to go too close to the edge of the roof. Good call!  Climbing down, he entered the house to install some ceiling heating vents. 

I arrived later with lunch, so he came downstairs to eat. My daughter came home (that is another story too) and we decided to fold laundry. He went back upstairs to work. As he was walking up the stairs he felt something was wrong, but thought he’d be ok. He started to sit down and said to himself, “I better go down and get some help.”

Assertively we heard, “Honey, I’m not feeling well! I need an aspirin!” He sat down on the couch and fell unconscious.

I ran to him. My daughter grabbed her phone and called 911.  How did she know to call 911 right away? Trust me, if he calls for help, he needs it. We have learned from experience.

We didn’t have any aspirin!  It wouldn’t have helped anyways, because he stopped breathing and we couldn’t have given it to him. He lay lifeless, cold and clammy.  His eyes were open, but they didn’t move! I started pounding on his chest, pleading, “Oh Jesus, save him! Honey, I love you!  Don’t you dare leave me!” Saying it over and over again. Wondering what was taking the ambulance so long to arrive. My son-in-law ran in from the barn and started chest compressions.  After about 45 seconds of trying to revive him he slowly regained consciousness and stated that he was “Fine.”  A minute and a half later the ambulance showed up.

“How are you feeling?” They asked.


 “I don’t think so.”  We all chimed.

He did have a heart attack and was in the hospital for two days. The doctor used a heart cath and put in one stent to open a 90% blocked artery.  The doctor said he’s still not out of the woods. Words I don’t care to hear.

As I was writing this blog, I actually had an anxiety attack. I have never had one before and I thought I was having a heart attack.  This anxiety attack was long overdue. I had built up stress, from living with a renovation addict for 48 years. As I cried my Hubby knelt by my side and calmed me down with sweet words.

I needed to hear those sweet words because he has put me through nine renovations and a multitude of life-threating episodes, which is going to make a lot of interesting blogs.  These are the confessions of a renovation addict’s wife.