Gentle Whispers!


How excited I was when I signed my contract with Ambassador International. I went to my husband Doyle’s business to make a copy and for him to be a part of this special occasion.  He gave me his favorite pen and I signed my name, then I asked Doyle, “What is today’s date?”

He said, “March 17.”

I looked up at him in amazement and said, “Do you know what date this is? It’s my parent’s anniversary date.” 


I couldn’t believe it. The book that is going to be published is an inspirational story about my parents. Now, I had the honor to sign the contract on their wedding anniversary. What are the chances?


After I loving wrote the date, I went to make a copy of the signed contract so I could send a copy to the publisher. As I was waiting for the copier to warm up, I was glancing over the contract. I had read it before, but never really paid attention to the date they would calculate the royalties. But this time it stood out “June 30.” I said out loud, almost in unbelief. I ran to tell Doyle, “You won’t believe this; they calculate my royalty check on my mother’s birthday. What are the chances?”


Doyle and I both knew something special happened. Did God give a Gentle Whisper to let me know that He was in all this? I think He did. How I love God’s Gentle Whispers!


Jesus said in Matthew 10:27 “What is whispered in your ear, proclaim from the roofs.”


My roof is my website and I am so glad to be able to make my first post and it’s about God’ Gentle Whispers!




2 Responses to Gentle Whispers!

  • an unknown cousin says:

    Hi, I just had to let you know that I read your BOOK, it is awesome!! We are still Amish but do not believe like them! We strictly go by the bible and the word of our Dear Lord and Savior. We would like for all the Amish to read this book! We desperately need a revival in Geauga County!!!!!!!!!!! I used to be at my parents a lot when your dad came to visit I always looked up to him as you could just see the love of the Lord shine thru him. God rest his soul till we meet again. Pray for us so that we will know when the Lord will let us know his will on our next step. Again thanks for such a wonderful book.

  • Naomie,I love your blog! a very good way of expressing yourself too! My parents left the Amish when I was 4 so I don’t remember much,but they went through a lot! They are in a large Mennonite church in Seymour Missouri,my dad,Dan P miller is 90 yrs old. We live over 100 mi.from them.

    I do want to get your book!! It will be good I’m sure.It is so awesome to have God use you, and your book to show Himself to others.

    God bless,
    Susan Gingerich… and hubby Paul