Amish Benefit Auction

Wednesday night we went to an Amish benefit auction. The family in need was a relative of my sister-in-law, my brother Atlee’s wife.  When we arrived I couldn’t believe the long line waiting for the good food. I came expecting to enjoy this food also, it was mostly what I went for. After seeing how long we’d have to wait, I decided to just have pie instead. I didn’t need to wait in line for that.  The grape pie was delicious.


Majority of people there were Amish, but there were a few English people also. I was really surprised about all the donations. The auction started at 5:00, we left at 8:00 and they still had a huge amount of things to auction off. The place was packed and the overflow was outside, enjoying the beautiful autumn weather.  Mostly those outside were young men also enjoying a smoke.   


I stood right in the middle of the crowd and saw a group of people that have a sincere love and concern for their community. They will go to great lengths to make sure that provisions are made for their people in need. They do many things right, and I think that is why so many outsiders look on with envy. I could give a long list of reasons why this group is so highly respected, and sought out.


One could be tempted to believe that they are a holy and righteous sect.

Naomi Mullet Stutzman
Author & Speaker

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