Priceless Nuggets of Joy

One of the blessings when speaking is meeting people that tell you things you didn’t know, little nuggets of joy that are priceless. I received a few today.


In my speech I talk about a tape I made that was not successful. I had to sing below my voice range and it was a difficult task. After it was made I had 500 tapes that I needed to sell, and that also was a difficult task. So after speaking a lady came up to me and said, “Naomi, my mom just told me you are Simon Mullet’s daughter. I worked with your father at the grocery store. He was such a wonderful man. The funny thing is the tape you talked about, your father gave me one many years ago and I still have it at home.”

I laughed out loud.  I love how God blesses us. That was just a priceless moment.


Two of my cousins were at the table behind me, I got up and was standing as we were talking. Sitting down was a lady listening to our conversation.  After we were done talking she said, “I would like to tell you something about your father. When my father was sick, your father would visit him many times. After my father passed away, your father came to me and told me that my father was saved, when he died.  You don’t know how much that encouraged me.”

I said, “Was your father Amish?”

“Yes, and he respected your father more than the Bishops!”


Wow, I had heard that from someone else, now there are more Amish people out there that respected my father. My father sure has left a great example for all of us to follow.


I attended the church service today where I was speaking. As I was leaving the church, to take a few moments to regroup before speaking, I met some people on the way out and one said to me, “You look familiar.”

I said, “ I am Naomi, Simon Mullet’s daughter.”

“Oh yes, I remember you and I also remember your father. What a great man.

Why are you here today?”

“I’m speaking for the woman’s group.”

“Here? You speak?”  It must have been hard for him to believe.

“Yes. I have a passion to reach the Amish for the Lord.”   

“That is a difficult task; there is a big stronghold on the Amish.” He said.


Out of my mouth came these surprising words.


“I know, but I have to continue where my father left off!”  


I know that those are big words and big shoes to fill! 

Lord help me and help others to have the same passion as my father had.



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