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A Time to Celebrate!


For years I talked about having a celebration for family and friends who gave me special blessings during the time I was writing my book. I wanted to honor them. So when I received my shipment of books, I started planning.  I invited seventy people and around sixty five people showed up not knowing what to expect, because I didn’t call it a book signing, I called it a time to celebrate.  One thing I didn’t expect was a fifteen minute down pour, but we had our restored century old barn to protect us. The only ones that got wet were our friends who arrived on their Harley.  The rain ended and as the dark cloud floated away a beautiful bright sky appeared.


After the delicious meal, I had a program and gave a personalized signed book to each honored guest stating how they had helped fulfill my goal.   I ended the hour long program with a song to honor my Heavenly Father for all He had done for me.


I had about half a box of books available just in case someone wanted to buy an extra book. Well that box sold out and to my surprise my brother had to get another full box of books; before the celebration ended he had to get another box. Some people stayed until 11:00 p.m.


I fell asleep so full and thankful with more blessings than I could ever imagine!





Celebration for Family and Friends

[img src=]70Broken Dishes Quilt made by Naomi
[img src=]80Dee, Bob & Sheila & Cousin Joe
[img src=]80Memorabelia Table of Naomi's Mom and Dad
[img src=]70Mom's Best Friend's Daughter, Betty & Fred
[img src=]80Eddie, Naomi, Liz
[img src=]80Naomi signing her book for Al
[img src=]80Naomi with Cousins Barb & Andy
[img src=]80Peggy Hearl, who came up with the title of the book.
[img src=]70Sky after the storm.


8 Responses to Events, Reviews & Press

  • Cindy Miller says:

    This is truly amazing! I am unable to express the joy I feel for you and the blessings God has given you and that will continue to bless you as you go forward with your ministry to help the Amish community find Jesus as their personal savior! I am very honored and blessed to know you Naomi. The only regret I have is I wished I could share some of your special moments with you. May God continue to bless you in your work for Him. I am getting my copy this week!
    In Christ Love,
    Cindy Miller

  • Katie Troyer says:

    I love your wbesite. It is a neat clean looking one.

  • Rebecca Byler says:

    Naomi, it is truly amazing what God has done through you. You are a good example to others-to show that we need to step out in faith when God calls us to do something. It is so easy to procrastinate or say “I can’t do that”. But like Moses, God goes with us and works through us! God, continue to use Naomi as she ministers to all she comes in contact with!
    Becky Byler

  • Mary Sue Eckard says:

    Like everyone else, I couldn’t put the book down! You drew me into your life in a deeper way than I thought possible. I’ve known you for over 30 years but your story, in book form, moved me to tears, at times. Your relationship with your earthly father was precious. I appreciate my dad more, because of your story. He only went to 8th grade, also, but provided a good life for our family of six. I wasn’t able to call my dad “daddy”. Maybe because I was the eldest of the six. I don’t know. I was too serious and he always wanted to play jokes on us. He is rejoicing with the Lord since 2009. I remember you telling me the story about your sister Dorothy and having to bring back her remains in the urn. But to hear it again and how you witnessed to John was moving. I did have to chuckle when you put the urn on the conveyor belt! You’ve challenged me to follow the Lord’s leading and to share the gospel with others.
    In His Grace;
    Mary Sue Eckard

  • Retta Howard says:

    I just finished Basket Full of Broken Dishes. It is a wonderfully bittersweet story.

  • Arlene Bryant says:

    I read your book and I loved it! I gave one to my sister, my niece and two of my best friends. Thanks for sharing your life and your history with us. I’ve known you for years, but now I ‘know’ you. What a wonderful story and a great tribute to your parents. God be with you and Bless you in all that you wish to accomplish. With love.

  • Paul D. Quay says:

    I just finished reading your book, “A basketful of Broken Dishes”. A Mother’s request fulfilled, because only a loving Heavenly Farther could touch Naomi with such a powerfully descriptive book of how a personal relationship with Jesus Christ changes lives for eternity. I was moved to tears of sorrow, yet tears of joy for those released from bondage of man made rules. A saved Father and Mother is an inheritance surpassing any earthly possession.

  • Joe Keim says:

    Naomi, not only am I proud of you, but thankful that you took time out of your life to write your story. Many people will be blessed and encouraged. May the Lord bless you richly!